My Weekend


This is actually one of the busiest weekends I’ve had in awhile. Normally, I’m very much a homebody and other than running a few errands or getting lunch with some friends, I usually hang out around at home catching up on shows, doing some cleaning, or doing absolutely nothing at all. My weeks get pretty hectic, so weekends are my opportunity to catch up on sleep, de-stress and recharge.

Friday night after work, I met up with two of my best friends from high school to get dinner and see that new movie Sausage Party, which by the way is hilarious and extremely raunchy (my kinda movie!). The theater I go to has I think 3 theater rooms that double as restaurants, so you can order and eat a meal while watching your movie. Super convenient!

I slept in Saturday morning, then headed out to the Wisconsin state fair with my brother, Devin and his fiance Lacy. Even though it was pretty humid and hot, we tried some fun fair food (fried oreos, Krispy Kreme burger, soft pretzels with beer cheese dip, pizza, corn dog, and CREAM PUFFS), explored the animal barns, shopped in the exposition center, rode the sky tram, and mozied around taking in the sights. We were tired and sweaty by the time we got back in the car, but had a really good time! I went to the fair every summer with my family when I was younger, but until yesterday haven’t been for 3 or so years. Definitely a fun tradition, and next year I want to try out some rides!  After the fair, I went down to my brother’s place in northern Illinois to hang out and spend the night. I spent the evening drinking margaritas and wine with his fiance, relaxing at a bonfire, and staying up to 3am watching funny movies. My brother’s house is a small, but beautiful newly built little cabin-type home on 14 acres of farmland. It’s such a beautiful area, and always makes for a nice getaway, since you feel so far removed from everything (even though they’re only 15 minutes from a Wal-Mart and Taco Bell. Gotta have the essentials you know!). I always enjoy spending time down there and secretly wish I could build my own little place somewhere out there in the woods. Ehh, maybe someday. By a lake!

Sunday morning, after waking up after 10 and showering, my brother and I drove down to the restaurant that his fiance’s family owns for brunch. I’ve been to the restaurant many times before, but never have had a chance to try the brunch. It was amazing. I tried nearly everything, and definitely didn’t try to stay on my diet. Come on, I’m talking eggs benedict and french toast with strawberry sauce! So anyway, after filling up on more than I care to admit, we headed back to their house to get ready for her first bridal shower. Her family was hosting, but I love anything and everything wedding, so I decided to tag along (don’t worry, I had an invite). The shower was hosted by her cousin and aunt, and was an adorable tea party theme. The food was so yummy and the games were fun. It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Now I’m sitting at home watching TV and trying to decide whether or not I’m calling into work tomorrow, because I’m just not at all ready for it to be Monday. Not at all! Why do weekends have to go so fast!

Did you guys have a good weekend? Are you ready for Monday?

XO Miranda


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